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About the Principals




"Certain horses are more faithful than others just as certain people are more faithful than others. These horses seem to be so rare that many people don't even believe they exist; some believe such things are fantasy on the part of those who claim to have seen it. In the days when horses were part of everyday life for all Americans there were probably more of these faithful horses. History shows that most faithful horses were cared for by very faithful people.
Isn't it odd how that happens?" 
Lee Teter






Claudie helps also with vermin control!

Claudia Turner is no stranger to the work ethic and dedication necessary to insure the highest quality of horses available from Turning Point Warmbloods.

Her migration from a refugee who escaped from East Berlin as a teenager to that of a prominent equine breeder and trainer should be regarded as an inspirational success story. Her experience includes the production and training of racing thoroughbreds, Arabians and, more recently, warmblood sport horses in the Pacific Northwest.

Ms. Turner has 35 years of experience in the care and breeding of quality horses. She has extensive experience in marketing and sales in the “non horse” world in her role of marketing director for Recreational Industries in Portland, Oregon.

Claudia has also been a professional farrier and is in the process of completing her apprenticeship as a breeding assistant at the highly respected Oakhurst Farms in Newburg, Oregon under the tutelage of Dr. Jack Root, DVM.

She has acquired a full working knowledge in the insemination, care and foaling activities of an equine program. Additionally, she is adept in the use of ultrasound and chemical technology required to insure conception rates in excess of 80% on the initial breeding.

Claudia conducts and participates in educational seminars related to the care, maintenance and breeding of equine athletes that are utilized in racing and dressage competitions.


What about Bob?

Well, he is pretty handy cleaning stalls and he gets all emotional when he sees Pasha in an extended trot.

Bob is a graduate electrical engineer and was one of the pioneers of broadband LAN systems which were implemented in aerospace and manufacturing facilities on the West coast.

He is also an active amateur radio operator (AG7M) and has been licensed since 1962.

Additionally, he keeps the horses safe from marauding herds of buffalo with an original Remington rolling block.


The Ultimate War Horse
Proven by Centuries of Mounted Conflict